I am an unclassically trained artist that picked up painting as a result of inspiration from a friend and a general deprivation from being able to view art in museums during the pandemic.

Without a formal background or access to in-person courses, I learned to paint through the school of buying brushes, paint, and canvases and getting after it. While I started with very small formats and paper sketches, I have found a calling towards mid/large-sized paintings meant to accent environments that could benefit from a splash of visually-provoking imagery.

I typically start with a concept or theme in mind but try not to remain stuck as the painting evolves. Some of the work is deliberate and thought out prior to the first pour or stroke, while some of it is entirely expressionist with little knowledge to where I am headed before I begin — most exist somewhere between the two worlds. I often paint over mistakes or use a failure as an opportunity to experiment with something new. This aspect of art is among the features that most draw me to the medium — remaining present and open to changes with only a starting place in mind.

I often create with a singular song on repeat in my headphones to channel the emotion or idea I’m trying to convey on canvas, and in that way, my work is highly tied to music (another art form which I have little formal understanding of but very much appreciate).