The Hausmann Millworks Reviews

Yesterday I was given a special invitation to this facility. Boy was I surprised. I had no idea of what a breathtaking event it would be. I meant Rex, he gave me the tour I talked to probably 10 different artists, so hundreds of different art pieces, and felt the creative Energy from all of those magnificent masterpieces. I do hope at some point I get to make a second Journey Through the facility. I had no idea of the joy it brought me by seeing such Creative Minds and works created from those Minds. Happy New Year

– Jas Pierce

After several years of getting to know the Millworks artisit community I find myself surrounded with genuine, creative and kind artists. The culture of the millworks is that of growth and collaboration. A hidden gem in the heart of San Antonio providing the right office space for artists to foster positive growth and connect with like minded artists.

– John Frazee

When artist Pamela Taylor told me about Hausman Millworks in 2017 I thought it sounded just grand and when I met Rex Hausmann and the family I knew it would be a place where I didn’t have to worry about anything! I got this perfect studio next to Pamela Taylor. The lights are on, the place is clean and it’s all so well run. I can focus on Art.
But I didn’t know I would get to be around all these tremendous artists: now around 60!
And, Rex Hausmann has been SO generous with his connections and ideas. He has been there building an international art career that I really admire. His education is top notch and he educates all. He has introduced me to collectors who have bought my art, gotten us into key art opportunities in and around town and NYC! And, is ALWAYS positive and cheerful. Thanks so much!

– Julene Franki

I have visited the Millworks for more than 10 years, never as an artist, but as one who thrives on being involved and surrounded by the art of CREATION. The Hausmann’s, all of them, are incredible people. The space they’ve created has always been astounding and uplifting to me. Visiting on 3/26/2023 for the Open House reminded me of the beauty of their enclave.

The art and artistry generated in each of the studios can only be described as enlightening. The atmosphere alone imbues the visitor with an elan that lifts the spirit. It is a community where people pursue their passions. Every participant is welcoming and displays the cordial presence found only in those that are actively engaged in craftsmanship. Each of them seems to be interested in the betterment of their environment.

Gene and Renee Hausmann planted a seed in 2006 that continues to grow stronger with each passing year. Their success encourages everyone who’s been there to strive towards the beauty their interests can lend to the world we all share. More importantly, it gives the rest of us the desire to seek the growth that may inspire others to share in that dream.

– Gary Bell

I have known Rex and his family for many moons. What they have accomplished with this space is nothing short of amazing. If you are looking for an inspiring place to focus on creating your work, this is it. The spectrum of humans is represented and seen. The quality is world-class and artists of all levels are represented. The common denominator is that this is a place to seriously pursue your work and your dreams.

– Tami Kegley

An incredible group of artists working in a wide variety of mediums, “The Mill” is like no other place in town. There is a spirit about that place that clearly fosters, nurtures, and inspires the serious creative. I go there regularly to visit artist friends and see what their latest projects are. If you haven’t scheduled a tour yet, you are missing out.

– Elizabeth W

Just spent the afternoon touring the Hausman Millworks and it was an absolute gem. From the art and artists, to the energy of the Millworks, this place delivers! Rex and his family’s focus curating the space makes for a beautiful experience!

Check it out on your next trip to San Antonio and discover some of San Antonio’s best!

– Mau Sanchez

I’ve known the Hausmanns and Hausmann Millworks for a number of years, having enjoyed many special occasions of art openings, open studios, artist talks, and parties. Although the events have been fun, what makes each and every opportunity to visitThe Millworks so special is to see the sense of community and how the Hausmanns embrace their resident artists and all of their visitors as family. They look at each person in the same regard as a relation and are always ready to help in any way, expecting nothing in return.

There is a quote which reads, “You have to hang out with people that when something good happens to you, they get more excited than you do.” The Hausmanns exemplify this quote with their enthusiasm at the accomplishments of others.

The resident artists are fortunate to not only have great studio space but, also, a place to call home and have the support of others who genuinely care for them.

Rex so often says, “Grow where you are planted!” Anyone who plants themselves around The Millworks for any period of time cannot help but grow.

Our Bexar County community, and our World at large, is fortunate to have those such as the Hausmanns to support the art community and encourage an appreciation for beauty through art expression.

– StoneMetal Press Printmaking

I had the pleasure of having a studio at “The Mill” in 2014 for a year. I loved the community and energy of this place. Rex, Gene and Renee were so kind and supportive during the entire duration of, really, what felt like an awesome artist residency. There were always opportunities present and great people to connect with. I had great opportunities that led to commissions, art shows and I even sold some paintings! If you want to get connected with an art community, getting a studio here will literally be the best decision for you!

– Madelyn Grays