Mixed Media artwork by Gene Hausmann

Gene Hausmann + Cross-maker

Gene is a native Texan and has resided in his home state for 70 plus years and most of them spent in San Antonio after graduating from Trinity University where he studied art and Drama. After graduation, Gene moved to Dallas where he worked on the set design team in the Dallas Theater Center. Returning to San Antonio, Gene worked at the Southwest Craft Center during the institution’s formative years in the 1970’s teaching fine woodworking .

After outgrowing his space at this location, Gene went on to build and create one of the most respected architectural woodworking companies in the southwest expanding to over 40,000 square feet. Some of his detailed and intricate projects can still be seen today throughout Texas, the US, and even overseas embassies for the United States. Many of his employees went on to build their own successful woodworking companies, attributing much of their skills to having worked with Gene and learning from his astute technical and creative engineering skillset. He did this for a solid 30 years.

Fast forward 15 years and Gene has built yet another family business with his family, The Hausmann Millworks : A Creative Community and Working Studios. He is helping yet again the future generations of creatives to bless the world with their God-given talents. He hopes to create a safe and affirming place for the community right in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas along with his family.

His cross building and carving has Gene still working with his hands and with wood. He believes it his calling to carve and distribute crosses to as many people that God puts intentionally in his path. He once again wants to share his talent with others, for the Glory of God and thanking Him (God) for the wonderful life he leads.

*Written by his wife, Renee Hausmann for her husband Gene.