We are a textile design studio specializing in screen printing. We source our tools, fabrics and raw materials from companies around the USA, placing a priority on locally made goods. We are proud to be an eco-friendly business, we use non-toxic water based inks for all of our hand printed tea towels.

My name is Esther Yaloz and I’m the owner/maker of PLANETARIUM. I’m enchanted by the vitality of wildflowers. They often struggle to survive in inclement weather and neglected spaces, yet return year after year. This resilience, and the fact that they are often ignored, drew me to use them as a central motif in my prints. My flower patterns are sometimes jumbled as in nature, sometimes arranged, and sometimes fashioned into shapes of birds or hearts. While growing up in a farming village in northern Israel, I loved to walk in the surrounding fields among the wildflowers, collecting samples along the way. Later, as a young design student, majoring in textile design, these wildflowers became the inspiration for many of my textile prints. I went on to work for a large textile company which sourced out all of its production. Longing to print my own pieces, I then took a leap of faith, and with my husband, we moved to up-state, NY. There, we started Planetarium Design in 2012. We since move to Central TX longing for sunny days. The business is ecologically oriented, I enjoys making functional art. Among my pieces you can find dish towels, tank tops, bags of all sorts – from makeup to elegant evening clutches, cotton and silk scarves, pillows, and wall hangings. A great deal of importance is placed on the uniqueness of each and every item. I print, dye and package everything by hand, transforming raw materials into a unique final product is a magical process.