Mixed media artwork by artist Victoria Campbell

Victoria Campbell (b. 1989) lives and works in New York by way of San Antonio, TX. Her practice consists of actions, gestures, strategies and representations that address ideology as a medium, and art history as something of a task to be inherited. She is 1/2 of Campbell Carolan, an artists duo that uses performance art and conceptual institutional frameworks as a way to turn the art world into a construction site. Their most recent play, NAFTA Miami, will air on Montez Press Radio on May 24, and is a revival of the classic modern drama Glengarry Glen Ross. Campbell lives in an intentional community in the Bronx (WHWW) which she considers a trajectory of relational practices, but not one that necessarily requires a discourse in order to exist. In 2019, Campbell launched Visit, Inc., an artists run start-up that focuses on critical software development for the arts. Previously, she has worked through The School for Poetic Computation, the Bruce High Quality Foundation University, and exhibited work at The Hand gallery, Columbia University, and the 13th St. Reperatory theatre, the Lawrence Art Center in Kansas City, as well as many other institutions and platforms.