Paul Martin is a visual artist, writer, inventor, and investor living in San Antonio, Texas. He started painting in college and had his first art show in New York City in 1985 and has lived and traveled all around the world. Paul takes a “psychic automatistic” approach to creating art—meaning that he usually begins with a completely open mind as to where his ideas will go. In the last few years, Paul’s work has evolved into creating abstract expressions of the universe that he calls MultiColored Universes. What began as large paintings (6.5’ x 6.5’) have evolved into three dimensional cubes and pyramids, as well as fashion clothing, such as pocket squares and bow ties made from photos of his paintings. A lover of creativity and curious about everything, Paul’s activities outside of painting run the gamut from service in the military, managing investment portfolios, inventing medical devices, acting in movies, running for political office, to publishing a book with his brother.