I recently read a quote attributed to David Bowie “Aging is an extraordinary process whereby you become the person you always should have been”. This speaks to me since I started painting in earnest when I turned 60. I rented an art studio, along with a friend, at Hausmann Millworks and the paintings have been pouring out ever since. It was an extravagant gift to myself, but one that brings me joy and peace during these stressful times and solace from my work as a pediatric nurse.

This 48” x 36” painting is part of a series of large-scale figurative works based on vintage photos. I’m fascinated by the postures and expressions of people who are long gone but were captured for a vivid moment in their lives. I’m currently working on a series of tree “portraits” of the twisting sinewy branches of Texas live oaks. I’m continuing to evolve as an artist but I feel that I’m becoming the person I always should have been.