I am a multifaceted artist, I have two degrees in the Theatre Arts, a Bachelors in Technical Theatre with a minor in Art, and a Masters in Theater and film Production Design. I worked in the film industry for 18 years as a carpenter, prop maker and an Art Director, and as a designer in residence at a theatre in the Pacific Northwest for 8 years. I began taking art classes on the advice of my design professor in theatre as a sophomore in college, the more classes I took the greater my appreciation for a burgeoning talent in oil painting took place, so much so that putting oil and brush to canvas has been the one constant I have had in this life. Over the years I have continued to paint in an abstract expressionist style, having shown in multiple shows in the Los Angeles area, and in another show that traveled throughout Korea and China. After a life changing accident which left me with only one arm, and as of yet no ability to work, I am now continuing my artist endeavors at the Hausmann Millworks where I am beginning to explore more of a mixture of abstract with realistic subjects, and/or realist subjects with an abstract sensibility. I have been in San Antonio now for about three years, and have been with the Millworks for half that time, time in which I spend many hours making myself whole again, and any time I can spare I continue spending time in the studio or teaching myself to use new tools such as drawing and painting programs on the iPad Pro.