David Bernstein (b. 1988 San Antonio, Texas) is an artist based in Brussels and Amsterdam. He combines performance, sculpture, and writing to tell stories through objects. When presenting his work, Bernstein tries to create intimate spaces for meeting and hospitality. Touch is a very important aspect and by touching things we can enter a deep and direct relationship. David likes to use humor and language jokes as ways to open up a curious and joyful state of mind. Much like the sculptures, he takes words as a material that can be stretched, shifted, and combined. It’s a playful process that takes inspiration from psychology games, rituals, and childish imagination. Bernstein often performs as his alter ego Slim Denken, a cosmic cowboy conceptual salesman who is part of The Self Luminous Society. Bernstein has presented his work internationally at among others: SculptureCenter (NY, USA); SALT (Istanbul, TR); Stedelijk Museum (Amsteram, NL); Abteiberg Museum (Mönchengladbach, DE); Human Resources (Los Angeles, USA); Raven Row (London, UK); De Appel (Amsterdam, NL); CAC (Vilnius, LT); and Nomas Foundation (Rome, IT).