Born in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico, Carla Catañeda Bustamante de Veliz creates works of unselfconscious passion. Her abstract paintings speak of deep emotion, but always with an undercurrent of happiness. Even her darkest works are painted with such freedom that the joy of creativity underlines the subject matter, no matter how tormented they may appear on the surface.

The creation of my work is always born of spontaneity. An intuitive approach, with no predetermined choice of color or media. A true expression of love, life or lament. Triggered either by a personal experience or a world affair, a reflection of myself at the time of its creation. My works will have that particular feeling inside of them ̶ a tear or a laugh.

After the initial application of paint, the search will continue as I reactto each application, whether with more paint, texture or other materials. I will conclude with my journey when the final action no longer suggest another reaction.