After growing up and going to school in Philadelphia, Adam Tyson has lived in NYC for the past 15 years — writing, painting and making art with a mixture of media. He’s travelled a lot (mostly Euro with a free place to stay in Berlin at his brother’s apt). Day job these days is at a big studios venue in Tribeca. His apartment is just over the bridge in Fort Greene. For studio space, he uses his bro’s Navy Yard workshop/studio. During the warmer months, paintings are sometimes set up outdoors on Saturdays at the Fort Greene Market for sale. Adam also curates art shows – and enjoys organizing a poetry reading from time to time. Photography is ongoing, blog posts, a youtube channel with foto slideshows set to curated musical soundtracks, social media,, So many ways to express. How do we ‘go’ to (or realize) new levels?

In addition to making art, seeing art plays a big part in life experience – e.g. going to see a bunch of gallery shows, an art fair here and there, mucho books and magazines, films — as, ‘the more you see the more you can see’ is a way he likes to think and be — more possibilities open and branch to yet more and more possibilities. Adam studies the Bible and reads philosophy widely in search of greater knowledge and wisdom.

Artist Statement:

One aspect of art that fascinates me is its relationship with nature. It gets into these other realms of sophistication – i.e. there’s the bobcat sneaking around trying to catch a field mouse – and then there’s an artist glaring at a stone in a downtown studio at 2am, pondering things like content and composition – perhaps even waxing philosophic in terms of ‘why is it that I’m even thinking to put red paint on this stone?’ So, it’s like the other end of the spectrum of wild ‘animal instinct’ nature — but of course we all know good art and wildness are inextricably linked — ‘wildness’ in the sense of moving you beyond status quo. What I especially like about ‘pure abstract’ art – say, a ‘purely abstract painting’ is that you as an artist are creating something that will never be produced by natural causes i.e. ‘in nature’. On the flip side, I’m in awe of God’s awesome creativity – have you seen some of these creatures in the ocean – or how about digging into cellular activity — or DNA! Study the detail of a beautiful flower. Even if I tried for a million years to sculpt a perfect Hibiscus, I couldn’t – no chance — yet, you won’t catch a Hibiscus making an abstract painting like I can!